Direct Mail. Does it really work in a Social Media world?

In a world of online streaming, email bursts and pop up adds, there is a lot of competition for your customers time and attention. Our lives are filled with adds being pushed on hundreds of online platforms – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Phone Apps, Google adds, only to mention a few.

With all this noise, how do you trust that you’re capturing the attention of the right people?

In America, Facebook is currently facing legal action for over estimating video viewership. It is claimed that Facebook has been overestimating up to 900%. Facebook’s analytics are an important tool for advertisers, who use them to work out how much of their video content is being watched.

One of the most trusted and effective offline tactics is Direct Mail marketing. Direct mail is still a great way to reach your audience, grab their attention, and connect with them on a personal level.

Why choose Direct Mail Marketing?

In a world of impersonal marketing (i.e. google tracks our web use and puts content in front of us that may or may not entice us), receiving mail, particularly personally addressed mail, has almost a romantic or old fashion feeling.

The most effective Direct Marketing campaign that I have recently received was from Virgin for their frequent flyer club.

Now, I have seen their promotion sales banner, their Facebook campaigns and their email, to mention a few. But when I received their personally addressed letter, inviting me to join their frequent flyers club, I was instantly intrigued.

Their professional and beautifully branded envelops and eye-catching material, leading me to feel uniquely selected and important to them.

I know I am one of thousands of potential clients they have sent this promotional material to. However, with the personal touch and well time post-holiday mail, I felt special and wanting me to join their “exclusive” club for free.

Desired effect achieved!!

What is Direct Mailing and how does it work?

Direct Mail Marketing has come a long way from the days of letter boxes filled with junk mail and catalogues. Its smarter, more professional and far more cost effective.

In short, direct mail marketing encompasses a wide variety of marketing materials including brochures, catalogues, postcards, newsletters and letters, delivered direct to the mailbox of your ideal customer.

Unlike other forms of advertising, where you are marketing to a broad-spectrum audience, direct mail lets you communicate one-on-one with you target audience.

You capture their undivided attention for a short period of time to sell your brand/idea/product in a personal and meaningful way.

Unlike social media marketing where there are other distractions like notifications, messages, multiple tabs and programs running all at once, a piece of direct mail has more of a chance of uninterrupted time.

Also, sharing this of this information is more likely to occur organically then say it would on Facebook or other forms of online media.

The science behind the method.

Direct marketing is easier to read. Studies has found that a person requires 21% less cognitive effect to process the information in print mail.

It is also found that millennials who spend more time with physical ads have a stronger emotional response, leading to better retention of the information.

According to Australia Post, research shows that 82% of people check their letterbox daily. They go on to say 99% of people open mail, 60% read the contents thoroughly and a further 39% scan it for items of interest.
How do I know this is working?

Technically, there is no automatic way to track direct mail response rates, and general engagement. But there are smart and targeted techniques to help you track your results from Direct Mail campaign.

Let’s say your goal of your Direct Mail campaign is to increase traffic to your website. You can select a unique landing page for your Direct Mail recipients. When people visit or click on the landing page, you can effective track the flow of traffic from your campaign.

Another tracking tip is to set up a unique phone number attached to your Direct Mail campaign and tracking the phone calls from this number.

Both techniques can guide a business’ marketing to smarter and more cost-effective choices with future marking.

In short – Direct Mail Marketing is more relevant in the fast pace and crazy world of social media. It’s personal, thoughtful and deliberate.

Rather then a “spray and pray” effect on online marketing can sometimes have, direct mail personally grabs the undivided attention of your clients in a professional way. Therefore, leading to high success in brand exposure and the ultimate success – a sale.

How can Alphamail help you?

When you engage with a company like Alphamail for your direct mail needs, you will be working in partnership with market leading expert. Alpha mail will support you from design to print and mailing. In turn, saving you time and money.

Alpha Mail is a dedicated one stop mail house for all your Direct Mailing needs. From creating unique print products and custom designed marketing material to mailing them straight to your customer.

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Cassandra Nolan
Alpha Communications Group