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In your office, personalised small letter mailing is time consuming. Packaging and manual fulfilment can be even more so. When it comes to putting things together, data, inserting, sticking on labels and then going to the post office, an enormous amount of effort is needed.
At Alpha Mail, innovative direct mail fulfilment ideas that save you time, effort and money is exactly what we do.

We provide professional and cost-effective means of handline mail fulfilment and warehousing for:

  • B2B eCommerce
  • Catalogue and Parcels
  • Promotion Kits
  • Gift Packs
  • Retail and Direct response
  • Warehouse Kitting and assembly

Our advanced fulfilment services help you manage inventory throughout the project cycle, from individual components to creation of new SKUs.

Our fulfillment center can enhance your ability and efficiency to meet your customer’s demands. Take advantage of our experienced handline fulfillment services team to get your direct mail processed correctly and completed on time using our warehouse fulfillment services.

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What does the fulfillment process look like?

Put simply, its an outsourced direct mail fulfillment service that cannot be done by machine. It can simplify your business mail fulfillment services, delivering your business to customers at their door.