Discover the H-Uv Press and learn why it matters to all of us.

Why does it matter?

Global warming is something that should be of concern to all businesses. We at Alpha Mail have been investing significant resources seeking climate friendly solutions to meet both our business goals as well as our client requests. The solutions we can now offer offer significant environmental benefits but can also quicken delivery times as well as on occasion offer more competitive pricing, something that is a benefit to all of us.

We are now using a new type of press and we are very excited by this and we wanted to tell you why.

The H-Uv press is a maximum speed press that aligns promoting and curing into one action. This means drying times are cut, so turnaround is quicker, but it also means that there are significant environmental benefits, with electricity use cut by up to a third and the fact that the single lamp needs to be replaced far less frequently.

This is also made possible by new HUV inks which give the expected dramatic colors we love, but also emit no ozone in the process and up to 75% less CO2

To put it simply

The main advantages are:

  • Lower printing costs
  • Instant drying
  • Shorter production times
    vibrant colour
  • No spray powder needed
  • Cooler drying than UV
    environmentally neutral environment

So yes the double benefit of shorter production times aligned with significantly less environmental impact.
What’s not to love?!

Alpha Mail, caring about our customers and world

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Richard Roberts
Director of Business Development and Marketing
Alpha Communications Group