Why Alpha Communications was Set Up

Today we are seeing change at an unprecedented rate, a change that is the most obvious in the area of technology.

How we, as a business, respond to that, not only shapes our future, but our world.

Sometimes the goalposts are moving so fast that it’s almost impossible for a company to change and adapt to the opportunities presented, that actually, you need to take a step back, observe the landscape, understand what customers need and start again.

This is why Alpha Communications was established, to break free of ingrained expectations and behaviours, to start again and review what a company like ours should do, to maximise opportunities in an agile landscape, to offer a solution for your needs, based on the latest technology available in the print and mail sectors.

The company was started with the goal of offering a tailored, boutique, cost effective and agile customer solution, we aim to give you what you need at a price you can afford with the knowledge of 30 years industry experience.


Quick response to your needs.
We promise an immediate to receiving your request. We always aim to work to your schedule and suggested suitable timetable adjustments to allow for courier and mailing delivery. We will tell you if your lead times are to short and help you speed up the processing to meet your deadlines.


Tailored, customer focused solutions.
We will focus on getting you the result you want. No matter how small you think your job is, we will treat your job as our most important job, because it will be your most important job.


We see you as a priority client, always.
When you seek a quote, or call Alpha Communications, your project will be overseen by the company’s owner David Bowers, who set up this company to get you the best outcome for your company and for your expenditure. We will work with you to ensure your artwork, colour palette, paper stock, data and mailing type are all in line with both your budget and expectations.


David has more than 30 years in the print and communications industry.

This has given David and his team a colossal range of knowledge and experience, which they are willing to share with you to achieve outstanding results.


To deliver high-quality outcomes; on budget and on time.

This is who we are.

If you require a quote on your job, no matter how big or small, please submit your quote here or call David on 0406 488 488

‍Richard Roberts
‍Director of Business Development and Marketing
Alpha Communications Group