­Why you should use QR Codes in Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail has always been a better cut through than digital marketing to reach different audiences and grab their attention. And, QR Codes offer a great way to bridge the gap between the digital world and the clients.

Direct mail marketing is simple, more familiar, tangible, personal, and highly targeted. More importantly, it leaves a relatively lasting impression on the mind and has a higher conversion rate (0.7% as compared to email’s meager 0.07%). When coupled with QR codes, the benefits of direct mail simply get amplified.

QR codes are square barcodes that you see in restaurants and magazine adverts, on billboards, product packaging, and web pages, or even on someone’s t-shirt. If someone scans them with a smartphone, they are directed to a webpage where they can find information or promotions.

So, when you send a direct mail to your existing or potential customers, it’s the perfect opportunity to take them to your digital content. However, directing someone to your webspace is not enough; the QR Code should encourage visitor engagement which can be achieved by offering them something of value.

Major benefits of using QR Codes in Direct Mail Marketing

  • Track your mail marketing campaigns through QR Codes
    If you simultaneously run several marketing campaigns targeting different audiences, you need to somehow monitor their individual results. In the absence of this ability, you won’t know which marketing strategy worked to what extent. Moreover, you would not know what share of your sales came from direct mail. This vital monitoring ability can be easily achieved through adding a QR code to your direct mail.
  • QR codes add sophistication to your print ad design
    QR codes help decrease the text amount in direct mail, providing you more space for design elements. Also, it enables you to add more colorful details to catch the customer’s eye.
    Today most people have little intention and time to read long messages, descriptions, and explanations. QR codes offer them access to an instant solution to their problems. A customer can place a call or send an automated email for placing an order by simply scanning a QR code.
  • QR Codes unite online and offline experience
    Most of the brands know how the organic search works and they have several touchpoints in the online users’ journey with websites, online stores, landing pages, and other dedicated pages to promote their products and services.
    Innovative direct mail marketing therefore should tie online and offline consumer experience together. In this respect, QR code campaigns can go a long way to add value. These codes can seamlessly guide customers from direct mail to your digital platform and speed up the buying process. Moreover, interactive experience like this will be more memorable to users and build a positive image of your brand.
  • QR Codes help in in-depth customer data research
    For building an effective marketing strategy, you need to dive deep into your target audiences and closely look at every audience segment and their corresponding conversion rates. This enables you to identify which type of consumers are more likely to buy your product or services. When a user scans the QR code, the system can record the date and time as well as the location, device, and operating system being used. This data then helps you make wise marketing decisions that cut your direct mail marketing cost and make it more organized.

How you can use QR Codes in Direct Mail Marketing

  1. Allow users to directly place an order
    If a print ad includes one or more products or services, enable customers to purchase them right away by directing them to an order page through QR codes. They should be able to just add some details, confirm their order, and close the deal.
  2. Allow customers to directly send an inquiry or file a complaint
    You can also use QR codes to allow people to send an inquiry or template email to file a complaint. Living in a busy world and a state of constant rush, consumers will appreciate such a direct mail marketing campaign.
  3. Use QR codes to make special offers
    Everyone loves discounts – this is a universal truth. You can use your direct mail to make special offers to your customers. For example, you can ask them to scan the QR code to download a discount coupon. This will not only increase the direct mail response rate but also make people remember your brand.
  4. Pinpoint your location on Google Maps
    Direct mail is an effective way to attract more people to a small local business. Such businesses can direct users to their place without the hassle by including a customized QR code on a print ad. The users won’t need to open Google Maps manually and build a route to the location.
  5.  Adding an event to the calendar
    This is especially helpful if you use direct mails to announce an event. You can place a QR code on a brochure or an event flyer and urge users to scan it for taking them to their calendar and automatically add the event. It is advisable to always notify users of the code’s purpose.
  6. Use QR codes to allow consumers to get in touch
    QR codes could be scanned by a smartphone without an app. This offers a direct and instant way for the customers to make calls. Instead of downloading your app and opening it, or typing your number, users can start a call by just scanning the code.

Here are some more ways to use QR codes in Direct Mail Marketing

  • Use a QR code in direct mail to offer a giveaway
  • Use it to enroll your customers in a webinar
  • Give them a preview of your new social media promotion
  • Direct them to a landing page providing elaboration on a small print ad
  • Link your QR code to an exclusive video
  • Use it to deliver forms or provide information on how to fill out a particular response card